Fun Facts

What are the top five ranked states in milk production?
California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho
Where does Iowa rank among the states in milk production?
What is the #1 state in cheese production?
Wisconsin, but California is gaining fast.
What metropolitan area in the United States has the highest per capita milk consumption?
Des Moines
What is the best selling flavor of ice cream?
What percent of milk consumption is by kids 18 and younger?
How many gallons of milk does one cow produce in a year?
Over 2400
What percent of your recommended daily calcium do you get from one serving of milk?
How much of the U.S. milk supply is used to manufacture cheese?
Over 1/3rd
Who owns Swiss Valley Farms?
Farmers (about 1,000 of them around the Midwest)
How much does a gallon of milk weigh?
8.6 lbs
What is the cheese used most often in restaurants?
How many daily servings of dairy products are recommended by the government?
3 - as stated on USDA Food Pyramid

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