Swiss Valley Farms supports organizations that help nurture the current and future leaders in the dairy industry. Our Young Cooperators Program helps educate younger farmer members, ages 18 to 45. And our Swiss Valley Gals program caters to the unique needs of female members.

YC Contest winners Dan and Jenelle Thorman, Dakota, Minn., traveled to Washington D.C. in June to participate in the NMPF National YC Advisory Board. While there, the YC couple visited their Legislators on the Hill.

Young Cooperator

Swiss Valley Farms members from 18 through 45 years old are considered a Young Cooperator  and are eligible to attend an annual two-day YC Spring Break. At this conference, equal time is devoted to educational seminars as well as fun and entertainment. Swiss Valley Farms brings in top notch speakers to address the YC'ers on a wide range of issues that affect their lives and their dairy operations. YC'ers from across the Swiss Valley Farms four-state area can relax and meet fellow co-op members, and discover common ground for interesting discussion.

Swiss Valley Gals

The Swiss Valley Gals tour the Luana, IA, Swiss cheese plant.

Swiss Valley Gals

The Swiss Valley Gals is a women's program unique to this cooperative. Started over 25 years ago, the program was designed by a small group of co-op women who wanted an organization to present other female members with "Farm Business Off the Farm."