Member Benefits

Premium Programs

Quality milk production is rewarded through the co-op's moneymaking premium programs, which the Procurement Division administers. These programs have evolved over the past several decades and among the best in today's Midwest Dairy Industry.

Futures' Milk Contracting

Swiss Valley Farms was one of the first dairy cooperatives to offer forward-fixed-price milk contracts to its members. Today, our contract programs are the most up-to-the-minute and offer several ways for our members to make the program work for their individual dairy operation. The program is administered through Blimling & Associates.

Contracting is open to Swiss Valley Farms members only. A contract application form must be completed before a member can begin contracting milk. Prices are quoted and contracts can be made from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, by authorized personnel at the Swiss Valley Farms Corporate Headquarters. For more details on Forward Fixed Price Milk Contracting, Swiss Valley members can log on to the members section of this website. Non-members should contact the field representative in their region.

Lab Testing

The Procurement Division oversees the collection and testing of the members' raw milk and transports it to the many locations in the co-op where it is converted into a value-added, marketable product. Co-op members can log into the members section and check their producer tests and weights 24 hours a day.


Swiss Valley Farms supports organizations that help nurture the current and future leaders in the dairy industry. Our Young Cooperators Program helps educate younger farmer members, ages 18 to 45. Our Swiss Valley Gals program centers around to the unique needs of our female members. Annual meetings present speakers who relate to the group's motto of"Farm business off the farm."

Monthly Member Magazine

The Swiss Valley Farms DAIRYMAN is a monthly publication designed to keep our members informed of news within the cooperative and the dairy industry. At the conclusion of each fiscal year, an Annual Report is sent to every co-op member detailing the financial achievements of the cooperative during the past year.


The family of the late George Hansen, long-time supervisor of Central Milk Producers Cooperative (CMPC), endowed a scholarship fund to assist individuals from Midwest dairy farm families with college tuition costs. Two $1,500 scholarships rotate among the dairy cooperatives that are members of CMPC. This year, Swiss Valley Farms members are eligible to apply to win one of these scholarships. If you will be attending college full-time in the fall of 2014, you are eligible to apply even if you have already won a Swiss Valley Farms scholarship in the past. Deadline for applying is June 9, 2014. Good luck! Download the scholarship application in PDF format or in in Word format. If you already applied for one of the eight 2014 Swiss Valley Farms Ag and Non-Ag Scholarships, you are already in the pool of applicants for the George Hansen Memorial Scholarship. You do not need to apply again.

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