Fall Incentive Program

Starting in 1988, the Swiss Valley Farms Board of Directors implemented a voluntary Fall Incentive Program. All members, regardless of size or grade of milk, can earn this premium. Here is how this program works:

  1. Your production in April, May and June will be added together.
  2. Your production in September, October and November will be added together.
  3. You will be paid a Fall Production Premium of $1 per hundredweight for each hundredweight that you produce during the above fall months that is greater than your production for the above spring months. Premiums will be paid in December.
  4. This is strictly voluntary and is not a base program. Your premium will be calculated and paid each year as outlined above. There are no penalties if you do not qualify.

Production for April, May & June = 180,000 pounds
Production for Sept., Oct. & Nov.= 200,000 pounds
The difference equals = 20,000 pounds more milk produced in the fall months.

TOTAL BONUS DUE PRODUCER = $200 ($1 for each extra hundredweight of milk)

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