About us
Founded 1958
Ownership Cooperative owned and controlled by approximately 520 dairy producers
Rank 23rd largest dairy cooperative in the U.S.
Employees Approx. 320
Annual Sales Approximately $325 million
Headquarters Davenport, IA

Dubuque* - Milk Bottling
Luana - Cheese Manufacturing

Rochester/Spring Valley** - Cheese Manufacturing
Faribault** - Cheese Manufacturing

Mindoro- Cheese Manufacturing
Shullsburg*** - Cheese Manufacturing

Customers Grocery store chains, independent grocers, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, schools, food service companies, food manufacturers
Awards International, national and state awards
*Now owned and operated by Prairie Farms Dairy
**Subsidiary facility
***Joint Venture facility
Swiss Valley Farms is fully in compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.