Board of Directors

From left: Pat Schroeder, Donald Berlage, Loyde Beers, Richard Kauffmann and Randy Schaefer

From left: Steve Klug, Dale Humpal, Pam Bolin, Thomas Oberhaus, Francis Leibfried and Dan Duitscher; Not Pictured: Eric Lyon and Keith Blake



District 1

Patrick Schroeder, Lancaster, Wis. (NMPF Director)


District 2

Donald Berlage*, Elizabeth, Ill. - Asst. Secretary


District 3

Loyde Beers, Eastman, Wis.


District 4

Richard Kauffmann*, Farley, Iowa


District 5

Randy Schaefer*, Blue Grass, Iowa - Vice Chair


District 6

Eric Lyon, Toledo, Iowa


District 7

Steve Klug, Spring Grove, MN


District 8

Dale Humpal*, Ridgeway, Iowa


District 9

Pam Bolin*, Clarksville, Iowa - Chair


District 10

Thomas Oberhaus, Waukesha, Wis.


At-Large Directors

Francis Leibfried*, Cuba City, Wis. - Asst. Treasurer

Dan Duitscher*, Rolfe, Iowa

Keith Blake, Eldridge, Iowa


*Denotes Board Executive Committee member